Return of the Political?

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So I’ve been facebook-stalking the newly elected blood to AMS Council, and I think in general we have a good group. And with good I mean politically charged and fairly capable.

Aside from Amy Boultbee and Kate Power, the bunch seem fit to enter the AMS arena and add some interesting discussions to the AMS committees and the Council agenda.

Andrew Forshner is a debate hack (Tim probably knows him), and labels his political leanings as “moderate”. My guess is he’s one of those conservative-leaning Young Liberals of UBC. And you know what? While we would politically disagree on issues, I’m really happy he got elected. This is part of re-injection of political urgency.

Case in point, his platform says “I have been an avid follower of AMS and AUS politics for 4 years, and am running to advocate for ideas that I believe are in the best interests of UBC students.

I think that the AMS wastes too much time and too much money on policy and events that affect too few students as possible. I want to change this so that the AMS becomes a student society that affects all students as much as possible.

UBC is a commuter campus whose populace is ill informed about the multitude of fascinating events that happen every day on campus. If elected I would push the AMS to create a forum that would inform students about all of the social and educational events that are occurring on campus everyday, from better promotions in the SUB to mass e-mails detailing what’s happening “This Week at UBC”.”

This is awesome! I hope he will get onto the AMS CPG (Communication and Planning Group).

Joel Koczwarski is one of our favourites as he hasn’t thrown down the political towel after the AMS elections. I’m happy his platform is also strongly sustainability-driven, as Sarah Naiman admitted this wasn’t her strongest part of her background knowledge. His enthusiasm could infect the AMS Impacts Committee with energy and progressive agenda items.

My secret political crush on AMS has been Sam Heppell. He seems like the eager enthusiastic type that I can see with AMS exec potential. His first meeting, he was already biting into the discussions and NOT sheep-voting (aka voting with the crowd because you have no clue what’s going on, which is one of my biggest pet peeves).

His platform hits the nail on the head: “I am eager to continue that work. One of the most important issues facing UBC right now is campus development, and the AMS must stand up and raise the concerns and needs of students. Although far from being an expert in planning and development, I have some experience to offer. In my home community, I have worked on the Official Community Plan review process, and serve on a regional district Advisory Planning Commission. I will work to ensure that UBC embarks upon
growth and development that is smart and sustainable, and that always puts
the needs of students first.

Although I have served on the AMS for only a short time, I am proud
of my performance so far (including a 100% attendance record!). If
re-elected, I will continue to represent you with competence and commitment. “

Then there’s Nathan Crompton. I’m biased because I helped him with his campaign. I expect him to remind council constantly of the tough issues – the systemic problems on accessibility, research directions catering towards corporations. People will find him “radical” because he’ll force council to think critically. He is from a different league than the typical “I want to get involved (giggle)” or “I love Arts so vote for me (giggle again)”. Make no mistake, he has a very keen understanding of the issues and will put council on the spot. I just hope his soft-spoken nature will project his opinion effectively onto the often rowdy council.

I don’t really have much praise for Amy Boultbee or Kate Power as their platforms only speak about their experience without a demonstrated interest in actually sitting on AMS Council. Amy likes going to Model United Nations in Boston. Oh and lives in Totem Park and enjoys swimming! Er, ok. Thanks for that. (Anyways.)

Kate thinks that “going from [the position of French Club Representative on the AUS] to AMS Rep is not a huge leap. In fact, all I am doing is adding some committees and making what I already do with the AUS official”. She has forgotten the 5 hour+ meetings every second Wednesday. Though I do like her attitude: “I am a responsible, positive individual and would love to be more connected to the AUS and the AMS.” Let’s give her the benefit of doubt and hope the dedication for AUS transfers itself to the AMS as well.

I withhold commenting on Jessica Hannon because I can’t find any information on her.


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