So, dear reader, you may be wondering why in [deity]‘s name Gina Eom and Tim Louman-Gardiner are bothering with this here VFM project.

First, they’re bored.

Second, they happen to (perhaps naively) believe that AMS and UBC elections have a tremendous impact on student life, and that the student representatives, like it or not, are the face of students to the administration. And the administration are responsible for every facet of student life, so it follows that student representation, done well can play a very important role in the university experience.

“But Tim and Gina,” I can hear you now. “Isn’t student politics the domain of approval-seeking wannabe political hacks and resume padders?” Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. But for every med or law school applicant, there’s also someone trying very hard to make a difference in the student experience.

And therein lies the real reason we’re doing this blog. To help you, the voter, to identify those candidates who are serious, who have the skills, and who are making an earnest and sincere experience to better the student experience at UBC. Because if the right candidates get elected, then you, and we, will notice a difference.

We also see the Voter-Funded Media contest as a unique experiment. Quite frankly, we’re interested in how it turns out. And hope we can play a part in its success.

And yes, there’s also prize money. And no, we haven’t yet decided exactly what to do with it. But it will most definitely involve martinis.


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