Thoughts on an Election

My computer has unceremoniously fried itself. This angers me. It also means my ability to respond to comments instantaneously is greatly reduced, as is my ability to create a thoughtful, well-reasoned post.

So, in the style of the “real” media, I present not-quite-formed thoughts, in short, digestible sentence form!

1) I’ll bet The Thunderbird didn’t get the permission of the copyright holder of the photo in this article. I’m not positive, but I doubt they have the right to use it. Way to go, J-school!
2) This blog has had hits from Rogers media in Ottawa, a gadzillion UBC administrators, and, most amusingly, Translink. Repeatedly. Searching for various U-Pass search terms.
3) Candidates have even stopped showing up to all-candidates debates. Apparently yesterday this was particularly acute. I wouldn’t know, of course. I wasn’t there either ;-)
4) Let Them Eat Cake has clearly educated himself about campus issues, and he, like, expresses opinions. That’s, like, awesome.
5) The Underground also has interesting elections info. Worth a read.
6) I think we have to consider VFM to have been a success. Even though it won’t boost voter turnout, it certainly helped drive debate, it differentiated candidates, influenced them, and created an actual discussion. Yay.
6a) We need to stop seeing turnout as the endpoint, as a goal in engagement. It’s a symptom of an engaged populus, not a goal unto itself.
7) Last, a question for candidates: has all the extra time spent answering ‘media’ questions been worth it? I have my opinion, but I’m curious to hear that of the people whose time we all spent…


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