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FOI request turns up no records on Wesbrook Place consultants

This is a great example of how the Board’s difficulties with governance, engagement, and decision-making go well beyond the Gupta Affair and are built into how they conduct themselves on other big issues too. Rather than performing their duties as a governing body in good faith, the Board has outsourced the whole thing to a private corporation, and that corporation has in turn hired consultants.

UBC taps property developer to lead, pay for planning review

It’s hard to come up with a more textbook example of a conflict of interest: UBC’s property development arm is leading and paying for a process which will set the rules governing their future activities.

Save the Farm… Again

Here’s an idea to make the future of the UBC Farm even more secure: put it into BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve.

Here’s Why The UBC Liquor Store Moved

Saying Wesbrook Place is a “better location” for a liquor store implies that some sort of fomal comparison was made between two or more locations, based on a measurable set of criteria. This did not happen.

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