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School of Kinesiology Outspent Entire KUS Budget on Student Referendum

If the student support expressed during this referendum is a genuine reflection of the opinion of the Kinesiology student body, why did the School of Kinesiology feel compelled to mount a $40,000, 16-month campaign?

School of Kinesiology documents show 16-month involvement in student referendum

Am I the only one who thinks it’s unacceptable for university departments to hire staff whose explicit goal is to pass a student referendum?

School of Kinesiology Holds Successful Tuition Referendum

This referendum result should not stand.

Kinesiology Students To Vote on Raising Their Tuition

There’s a lot that’s wrong with this picture: a constituency president who is unable/unwilling to talk about a referendum his organization is running, instead deferring to a paid employee of the school.

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