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The End of “BZZR” is Nigh! Changes to provincial liquor laws should force UBC to modernize its liquor licence approvals.

Starting April 20, you will be able to apply for a Special Occasion Licence online. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and you can do it in your underwear.

Here’s Why The UBC Liquor Store Moved

Saying Wesbrook Place is a “better location” for a liquor store implies that some sort of fomal comparison was made between two or more locations, based on a measurable set of criteria. This did not happen.

Here’s the Mahony and Sons Lease

The ban on liquor stores in U-Blvd is not protecting Mahony’s from competition for something they do, it’s protecting them for something they don’t do. Even if they wanted to do off-sales, Mahony’s is unable to under the current terms of their own licence. It’s protectionism for protectionism’s sake.

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